Last year, our conference Svoboda NaŽivo 2011 (Freedom at work) indeed started something new: a movement connecting people willing to change the way we think about work, both in our private and professional lives. 500 participants gathered to listen, engage, network … and enjoy a stream of lectures, thoughts and inspiration. This year, we are back with Svoboda NaŽivo II. which will take place on November 8th, 2012, and will address many questions and issues that continue to fascinate, provoke and inspire: could our schools prepare our kids to be ‘free‘ in the proper sense of the word? To what extent is our society willing to accept and support freedom at work? And are we really free at all?


Leading management thinkers around the world repeat over and over what so many people don‘t want to hear: that the traditional hierarchies with management and employees cannot survive the 21st century. Therefore, it is essential to find new ways to enable people to do what they are really good at, what they love and what, after all, will help change society as such.


One day, one venue, 18 great speakers, two films, many companies open to change, lots of networking and a bit of an international touch is what we hope will result in making a switching mechanism towards the boom of freedom at work in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and perhaps the region as a whole.
Three blocks dedicated to freedom at schools, work and society. A great mix of speakers able to address the issues from many fascinating perspectives. Among others: Jaroslav Dušek, a leading Czech movie and theatre actor with many provocative thoughts about the world we live in. Karel Janeček, an extremely successful entrepreneur now trying to change the world. Matěj Hollan, probably the most talked about Czech civic activist and "a nightmare" for the townhall in his native town of Brno. And many more…


The conference will take place on November 8th, 2012, in the unforgettable art deco surroundings of one of the oldest cinemas in Prague - Vzlet. (By the way, what a great name for a venue where many new brilliant ideas are expected to 'take off', isn't it? :)

You are welcome to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The languages of the event will be Czech and Slovak. English language videos will be subtitled.